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Lewis Powell -alias Lewis Payne- MET DP274837

Spring 2017 phy2400

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    In this physics lab we marked every five tiles in the hallway. In this lab we rolled a basketball down the hallway by accelerating it at a constant rate by using a yard stick. we designated jobs to different people. One job was for a person to push the basketball with the yard stick. With one job being in charge of the stopwatch. Then the other people make spit wads. The spit wads were used to mark were the basketball was at different points in time. Then after everyone threw their spit wads we measured the distance of the best spit wads. Then we made a scatter plot and put in a line of best fit. 

interval	t (sec)	v(ft/s)	ft	in
0		0	
'0-1	0.5		2	1
'1-2	1.5		6	8
'2-3	2.5		9	5
'3-4	3.5		8	2
'4-5	4.5		14	7
'5-6	5.5		10	5

Second Report Thursday 25 2018 January Ping Pong Lab[edit]

For this lab we are trying to determine if air drag is part of the forces slowing down a ping pong ball as it rolls. To determine this we set up a hot wheel track with one end lifted up and rolled a ping pong ball down. We marked were the ball was at every second for three seconds. We then used the differences in the distance between each marker to find the acceleration. Since a=(v2-v1)/t we had an acceleration of -7cm/s^2. We repeated this experiment and got basically the same results both times.

interval (sec) total distance velocity cm/s acceleration cm/s^2
1 132 -- --
2 208 76 --
3 277 69 -7